SquareSpace E-Commerce

Want sauce with that?

Kotti had an existing <i class="fab fa-squarespace"> SquareSpace website implementation. It was decent enough but badly needed some changes and upgrades.


How hard could it be…

We set about upgrading the website using custom code and jQuery.

E-Commerce was necessary as well as GEO Location limitations on who could order from the actual restaurant locations. All of this was done within SquareSpace and is configurable through the CMS.

Hold on a second

We realized, although SquareSpace allows you to place orders, in Kotti’s instance it does not notify the restaurant on-time for them to fulfill the order.

We expanded the project a bit and developed a custom hardware component to go along with the build, a device that would notify the restaurant of new orders. Built fully on a RaspberryPi with a touch screen, the device now allows each restaurant to view their orders and mark them off as complete.