Midan Custom Wordpress Implementation

The ask

Build a fully custom wordpress implementation, free of 3rd party plugins and optimized for performance. No problem!

The build

In order to implement the client requests for this project we decided to dig deep and consider this website in two phases

  • The content
  • The code


The content

Since the client planed to have a dynamic website with lots of content, potentially changing at a high frequency, we decided to structure their content in a modular way.

We set about creating custom content types in wordpress allowing the authors to structure what they enter and the system better recognize what it is trying to display to the public.

Using custom content types we refactored content that repeated, such as testimonials, into partials. On the actual pages we used meta data and custom template code to allow the authors to display this partial contents at will.

The code

The entire template code base is custom, we utilized the following technologies to build the website

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Custom PHP for the additional functionality and templates