Fully custom Drupal8 implementation

A pre-existing symptom

We received the TysonFreshMeats.com project with a pre-existing setup. The project had been setup to work with the composer package manager and node. Half of the content on the actual website was hard coded in templates and the existing content types were not reusable.


The implementation

The content

We set about to restructure the content in the project to make it reusable so the client had a lot less content to manage.

The code

We introduced SASS to dynamically compile all of the CSS on the site and transferred all of the hard-coded content to the CMS from the templates. We went about creating views and refactoring reusable components into partial views.

We also implemented a custom method for staging content and deploying staged content to multiple production servers.


The end result

A website that has modular content and templates and that allows the authors to stage and gracefully deploy content at their will.